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Approaches and Methods

Integral Coaching® 

“Integral” means inclusive of everything, entire, complete, whole. So, at its deepest root, Integral Coaching® refers to a way of coaching that is whole, complete and integrated. Change is at the root of coaching whether it is introducing healthier ways of being in our current lives or transformative depth work that brings about radical development. Most approaches to change are partial and, therefore, don't last. An Integral approach brings about change that endures over time, beyond the term of a coaching contract. 


Executive Functioning and ADHD Coaching

Executive functioning limitations may arise at any time in life. They may be genetic in origin and arise in childhood or only later in life. But they may also be the result of any of a number of occurrences such as physical trauma or medical conditions.

Some individuals with executive functioning limitations, especially those who are gifted, may successfully navigate the early stages of their lives and only experience significant impairment later, in more unstructured and challenging aspects of their lives such as college and the work environment.

The good news for individuals with executive functioning limitations is that these limitations can be improved upon, often significantly, through training the mind in methods that improve cognitive functioning as well as unlearning negative compensatory attitudes and behaviors. It is especially possible to learn techniques to compensate for executive functioning limitations.

My training includes completion of the JST training program for coaches of ADHD youth, extensive training in the latest findings of neuroscience, as well as 40 years of training in mindfulness which I have specifically tailored to the needs of individuals with executive functioning challenges. My approach is customized by age and interests including special programs for children ages 8-12, teenagers, young adults and older individuals.




“Dona helped me through one of the most difficult situations in my life. With her help and guidance I have been able to achieve what seemed impossible. Working with Dona has been the best investment I’ve ever made.”

Shaun, a small business owner

Sara, an ADD college student

"I've worked with Dr Dona for over a year now. Its been a wonderful experience and has helped me to excel at college."

The Human Element® 

 The Human Element is a systematic approach for improving the way people work together leading to greater accomplishment of goals and better individual, team, and organizational performance. The goal of The Human Element is to increase openness and honesty in organizations and reduce unproductive defensive behavior in order to achieve better business results. By dealing with root causes rather than superficial behaviors, The Human Element helps individuals, teams and organizations eliminate the distortions that sabotage them, undermine their relationships, and lower their motivation. The result is profound change including increased candor, greater emotional and social intelligence, enhanced creativity, greater personal clarity, focus and conviction, more authenticity, increased trust, and greater personal satisfaction.


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