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Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes it is downright complicated and stressful. There may be decisions to make, external circumstances to cope with and/or seemingly overwhelming life experiences to overcome. There may be disagreements with individuals who we should otherwise cherish for our shared commitment to higher values.

These are the times when we realize that what we have in our life isn’t good enough. We want more. We may want a more spiritual life, a more fulfilling career, deeper relationships and any of a number of things that make our lives more meaningful.


  • As a person in business, whether just starting out or well established at the top of your game, you know that you can still want to do more, still do better.

  • As a high school, college student or young adult stigmatized by an ADHD diagnosis, you are unwilling to let your diagnosis define you. You want the best for yourself.

  • As a member of a non-profit or spiritual community you are saddened and disappointed by self-destructive competition and lack of cooperation. You want the work of your community to thrive.


At these times you may need more than family and friends as a support. This is where I can help. As your coach I will support your personal and organizational journeys in a number of ways that will not only help you to cope but more importantly to thrive and reach your highest potential.

Dona Witten,  PhD

Certified Master Integral coach

Licensed Human Element Practitioner


A whole person approach

Based on the latest neuroscience as well as ancient traditions of personal development
  • Phone

  • Skype/Zoom/Facetime

  • At your site

International Availability

Tel: +1 719-588-5716

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